VBS 2022 “Spark Studios”
June 12th – June 16th 5:30- 8:30pm


At Spark Studios™, kids will explore their artistic side and bring inventions to life. They’ll discover, like King David, how to use their talents to bring glory to God. They will discover that their creativity is a gift from the infinitely creative Creator who designed them for His glory. Don’t miss out! Register now.
Please use the following form to register your child (children) for our 2022 “Spark Studios” VBS! Please note, even if pre-registered, you must personally drop off and pick up your child (children) each night of VBS.
Schedule: Sunday, June 12th- Thursday, June 16th 5:30-8:30pm
On Thursday, we are asking all parents/care-givers to remain with their children for our family service and the following fellowship time in our gym.

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