Walk Through Bethlehem

Walk Through Bethlehem has been a wonderful part of our church’s yearly calendar for many years. Walk Through Bethlehem has been on a hiatus due to the damage caused by Hurricane Sally in September of 2020. We are praying about re-starting it in December of 2022. Though we collect money to assist with our annual Lottie Moon International Missions offering, Walk Through Bethlehem is a totally free event and is our Christmas gift to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is WALK THROUGH BETHLEHEM, exactly?   

Great question to start off with! This is an interactive drama where our guests become part of the Christmas story. We try to re-create what Bethlehem might have been like the night Jesus was born. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the dialogue between your tour host (shepherd) and the residents of Bethlehem … they tell the story. In the meantime, you will be immersed in the sights, sounds, and even the smells of the ancient city. Eventually, you’ll make the same discovery the shepherds of Bethlehem made, as they ran to find the place where Jesus had been laid in a manger.

2. What times are you open?

Walk Through Bethlehem is open 6 PM – 8 PM, Friday – Sunday, during the 2nd full weekend of December.  Doors to the worship center will open at 5:30 PM for early arrivals, and anyone inside the worship center at 8 PM will experience the Walk.

3. What does it cost?

Admission is absolutely free! We accept donations for our Lottie Moon Christmas offering, which goes to support the many Southern Baptist missionaries and mission staff throughout the world.

4. What should I wear?

The 20-30 minute walk is outside, so dress appropriately. Guests will wait their turn to walk through the city in the comfortable environment of our Worship Center. After the Walk you are invited into our Christian Life Center for refreshments.

5. Where can I park?

Our parking attendants will help you find a place to park on our campus, although there are times when heavy traffic slows the process down. Please be patient, and consider having the driver letting most of your group come inside our worship center and register, while seeking a place to park.

6. I have special needs…can you help?

We simply need to know what you need. Upon your arrival at our Worship Center, please inform one of our hosts or hostesses of your need and we will provide for you.

7. Will our church group be able to stay together?

Unless your group is especially large, we will make every effort to keep it together.

8. Will the animals bite?

ONLY IF THEY ARE HUNGRY! Live animals come with obvious risks and they will always do what animals do. For your safety and the enjoyment of the experience we keep them behind a fence and take appropriate safety measures for both the animals and our guests.

9. More questions?

Call the church office at 251-947-5145 for additional information.