Welcome to Bethel Online!

In our part of the country, there are churches everywhere! Big churches, small churches. New churches, old churches. Country churches, city churches. The choice can be, well – quite overwhelming and confusing, right?
Here in the Robertsdale and in Baldwin county, you will find some of the best churches in the country. We here at Bethel don’t want to tell you that we’re the best church for you, or that we have it all together, or that we understand the mysteries of the heavens better than other churches.
Rather, we are just seeking to be what God has called us to be. And we are delighted when He leads folks to join us in this effort.
We don’t want people to come to our church for the wrong reason. We aren’t trying to advertise ourselves, nor do we wish to compete with other churches. We don’t want you to come to our church because you might like the preacher, or the music, or the ministries, or the youth or children’s program, or the facilities, or any other thing. Folks who come for those things will eventually leave for those things when they change.
What we want to be is this –  we want to be known for Who we worship – Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and our Savior and LORD.
We are seeking those who would join our fellowship for basically one of two reasons:
1. You want to know of and grow in Christ. We desire to be a fellowship in which the transforming, life-changing power of Jesus Christ is what is on display. Jesus Christ can and wants to change you completely! We here at Bethel hope that we are a church where you can experience His love and power in the presence of other Christians who are also seeking to follow Him!
2. You want to serve and love others, so that they too might know Christ. You see, it isn’t enough that we call ourselves Christians. Calling one’s self a Christian brings a responsibility to spread the world’s greatest pardon (Christ Jesus) from the world’s worst penalty (Romans 6:23 – separation from God).
We here at Bethel do our best, as HE leads us, to spread the good news through events throughout our year, including community events, school events, vacation Bible school, age-grouped events, and our massive “Walk Through Bethlehem,” in which our little church gets to present the Gospel story to thousands every year!
If you’re looking for a church that’ll impress you with itself, then you might be drawn to a different church with buildings, budgets, and programs that are built to impress man. But if you want a place where you will feel right at home, with a church who will love you and wants to show and tell you how amazing Jesus Christ is, then come, if you feel so led, and worship with us. 
Come as you are. Wear what you have. Whether you grew up in church, or have never stepped foot in the door, we’d love to see you at 10am this coming Sunday.
-Pastor Harvey Earls